Monteith's Crushed Cider: Sorry about the twigs, folks

Colenso BBDO Auckland

Advertiser: DB Breweries
Brand: Monteith's Crushed Cider
Country: New Zealand


To say the New Zealand cider market is highly competitive would be an understatement. In response to category growth, the last two years have seen an absolute flood of new competitors enter the market. No less than a quarter of all sales in the last year have come from new entrants.

This flood of new ciders meant that Monteith's, a traditional brand mostly associated with beer, was in serious danger of drowning. Its older, provincial male heartland drinkership was in stark contrast with the young, urban females that were driving the cider category growth. Appealing to this market amidst the wave of more closely targeted brands was a huge strategic challenge.

Strategic Challenge: Hold our own in a market being flooded by new competitors.