The Advertising Agency Business

John Benson


ADVERTISING is benefited by such a frank and impartial review as that of Mr. Benson's. His point that every one concerned with advertising should know more-of the part of others who have a share in it is sound. We can all derive profit from round-table discussions of so indispensable an influence in our prosperity and individual lives as advertising has come to be. Advertising is not exclusively the concern of agent, publisher, advertiser or the public. Every one of the four has an important interest in it. This brief preface is not intended to be a statement for the publishers in such a discussion, but is merely a memorandum on some interesting aspects of advertising as they appear to me.

Advertising is news. The manufacturer of the product makes the news, the advertising agent collects, writes and edits the news. The publisher prints it. The reader reads and believes (or disbelieves it) and is influenced by it.