In-Game Advertising

Anneken Tappe and Antonia Miranda

  • Online gaming is both emotionally and physically engaging (Cohen, 2009).


  • In-game advertising is a market that will grow from $80 million in 2007 to $852 million by 2011 (2007, Multimedia Publisher)

  • US in-game advertising spending will more than double from $295 million in 2007 to $650 million in 2012 (Hendery, 2008)

  • A study by NeoEdge Networks in early 2009 found that online gaming provides substantially better performance and consumer perception than traditional TV advertising (Marketwire, 2009)

  • According to Lee and Faber, (2007) the highest chance of getting the most positive brand awareness results is under the following conditions: having a highly incongruent brand (meaning the brand content is incongruent with the game content) embedded in the focal area of a moderately-involved experienced or a highly-involved inexperienced player (accumulated result from 6 hypotheses)