How Allen's Regained Its Category Crown by Using Fresh Insight to Put the Smiles Back Into Jellies

Agency J. Walter Thompson
Advertiser Nestle
Author Luke Atkinson

Executive Summary

This case study shows how Allen's used fresh insight to redefine the brand and its role in the category, putting fun, magic and smiles back into jellies.

Before 2009's "Release the wonder of childhood with the magic of Allen's" big idea, Allen's looked like a fading star that had just lost 57% of its range.

The 6 months post campaign Allen's exceeded targets by 20.5%, turning a forecast loss into growth, growing market leadership from 2% to 7%.

Allen's reversed a loss of relevance and dominance to become the clear jellies category leader. Allen's makes smiles.


In 2007, when the brand and communications planning commenced, Allen's position in the jellies market was not much to smile about; There was the disconcerting feeling that we were going to watch the inevitable decline of a 120 year old Australian icon. The range was about to be decimated by 57%. The jellies category was no longer defined by Allen's; rather, the introduction of The Natural Confectionary Company (NCC) had given consumers a more ‘better for you', ‘natural’ option, and Allen's, lacking an effective ‘better for you’ option, simply wasn't capable of being competitive. Remember what margarine did to butter? Allen's was in serious of danger of becoming the ‘butter’ to NCC's ‘margarine'.