Intel: Inspiring Tomorrow


What do you do when one of the largest technology brands in the world just... disappears? Intel, a brand that once basked in the limelight, came to us facing a very serious issue: People had simply stopped caring about them.

For the first time, Intel was looking to communicate something much, much bigger about their brand. The brief to us: “Microprocessors have become a commodity and the Intel brand is no longer a key factor in the computer purchase. Make the Intel brand relevant to the everyday lives of consumers.” We found several obstacles to addressing this challenge.

To start, people have an incredibly difficult time understanding what a microprocessor actually does. Sure, there are some tech wizards in the world who can decipher microprocessor jargon, but they were not our target. Our target was the mainstream technology consumer who uses computers primarily for basics like email and connecting to the Internet. These users might know that Intel is 'something inside their computers,' but beyond that, Intel stands for little more than a logo and a five-note musical sign-off.