How brands are fuelling the content revolution

Andrea Sophocleous

According to Ayal Steiner, the general manager of technology platform Outbrain Australia & New Zealand, content marketing is a much more pleasant way of selling a product than old-fashioned advertising.

Steiner was speaking at the recent Mumbrella360 conference held in Sydney, in a session titled The Content Revolution. Describing late night chat shows such as Conan O'Brien as content marketing because every guest is there to promote a movie, a new music album or their political views, Steiner said people enjoy content marketing because "it's not pushy or promotional in nature".

In the past 12 months, Steiner said, big brands such as GE (with online magazines GEreport and Art of Money), ANZ (with Blue Notes) and L'Oreal (with multiple beauty and fashion websites) have made strong inroads into content marketing – "creating content that is not designed to sell, but is designed to provide value and information to the readers".