The Campbell Soup Company prepares for the "connected kitchen"

Stephen Whiteside

From budding chefs searching for recipes using Google to users uploading images of their latest culinary creation to Instagram, food brands now have access to a rich seam of new digital insights. And, in the not too distant future, connected fridges and crockpots could well be added to that list, too.

The Campbell Soup Company has forged a uniquely powerful presence on American dinner tables during its more than 140-year history – and the company believes the kitchen of tomorrow promises to deepen its relationship with customers, especially if they are keen to replicate the tempting dishes seen on social media and TV shows.

"It's not going to happen tomorrow," Umang Shah, its director/global social media and digital marketing, told delegates at Internet Week 2014, "but I imagine the connected kitchen lowering the barrier of entry. So we have people that want to create the kinds of foods they see in these recipes, in these pictures, but maybe not necessarily having the skill to do that.