McDonald's Australia: Australia Day

Agency: DDB Sydney
Advertiser: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's Australia
Country: Australia


January is a critical time of the year for the retail sector and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR's), or fast food as it is colloquially known, is no different. All players are trying to get the year off to a flying start and as a result it is noisy, highly competitive…full of offers, promotions and retail clutter.

The major problem with January however is that consumers are generally disinterested in what retailers are saying and selling. It is a notoriously poor month as consumers lick their wounds after buying up big at Christmas and they settle into a comfortable holiday mode divorced from their normal spending routines.

Compounding this lethargy is the fact that the media take a well-earned break in January as well. They learned long ago that viewers disappear as they laze around on beaches all over Australia and it is declared a non-ratings period. In other words a time of the year when they pull up stumps and declare amnesty due to a lack of interest.