The future of television: insights from Zeebox, Facebook and Foxtel

Andrea Sophocleous

The renaissance of television has been a much-discussed topic on the global stage in recent months, and delegates at the 12th annual Australian Broadcasting Digital Media Summit – held in Sydney in February 2014 – heard that the medium is stronger than ever, even if it is trying on a new broadcasting model for size.

Multi-screening, social amplification, video-on-demand (VOD) and – arguably – better content have all played a role in wooing audiences back to TV. Surprisingly, perhaps, a large number of people are also sticking with tuning in to linear broadcasts at scheduled times.

Speaking on an industry panel, Jimmy Storrier, the general manager in Australia for social-television platform Zeebox, elaborated on this latter point. "Today, scheduled, linear television programming is still where the audience and the money is at, and it seems like VOD is a complementary mechanism," he said.