B2B marketing: What works in digital B2B

Francesca Brosan

Studies in the UK and US show that use of the internet in digital marketing is declining in confidence, two-thirds use LinkedIn, while mobile is growing rapidly, more so in the UK.

The new marketing world demands a great deal from B2B marketers. As they increase the range of marketing channels they use trying to do more with less, it can be a struggle to keep up with technological developments in marketing.

In order to shine some light on the challenges, Omobono, in partnership with The Marketing Society, has been studying, for the past three years, what works in B2B digital marketing. The research, conducted by Circle Research, canvasses the opinions of senior practitioners to establish how they are spending their budgets and which channels are felt to be most effective.

During this period, corporate websites, email and social media have consistently come out as the most powerful channels, and take the lion's share of the budget as a result. However, the three-year perspective has also shown some gradual shifts, and some gaps where advantage could lie for B2B marketers that can grasp them.