J.Jill Uncomplicate

Campaign details

Agency: CerconeBrownCompany and The Fantastical
Media: PGR Media
Research: CerconeBrownCompany and Added Value


"Uncomplicate." is a deeply integrated campaign conceived entirely from research by women's clothing retailer J. Jill as it set out to rethink how to better reach its core customer – Baby Boomer women aged 45- 64. Since its founding in 1959, J. Jill's strength lay in a commitment to classic silhouettes and natural fabrics that connect to American women of all ages, particularly Boomers. But two acquisitions by outsiders, including one by competitor Talbots, Inc., pulled the brand from its core attributes and alienated many fans. After securing independence 2009 and retooling product assortment and operations, the brand was ready to reemerge and reengage the market with a fresh take on its fundamental strengths.

Over the last 15 years Boomer women have been increasingly overlooked by fashion retailers, which consumer trend analysts say do not design for a Boomer women's lifestyles and their bodies. This is an especially painful fact for a generation that has been watched and pitched to and listened to since – truly – birth1. But this reality flies in the face of statistics that demonstrate Boomers are lucrative consumers – especially the subset of Boomers dubbed by Neilson as "Alpha Boomers" who are tech savvy and active brand loyalists who outspend their younger counterparts two-to-one in luxury goods, automobiles and hotels, among others2.