Measuring Advertising Performance 2014: Understanding the connected consumer

Brian Carruthers

The first day of the Warc Measuring Advertising Performance 2014 conference, which took place in London on March 11, covered plenty of ground. Subtitled Understanding the Connected Consumer, the event heard a mixture of case studies, new research, contentious views and debates on some unsung areas.

Devices and measurement

James Thickett, Director of Nations and Market Developments at Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, opened the conference by running through the latest stats on device ownership and usage, noting that while overall TV viewing hours had remained stable consumer behaviour was changing in subtle ways.

More households now had only one television and fewer children had their own TV in their bedroom, for example, partly a response to the penetration of other devices. But at the same time households were far from abandoning the television, instead investing in larger screens, which were pulling people into their living rooms again.