Social customer service: How to manage your reputation in a crisis

Carolyn Blunt
Real Results Training
Martin Hill-Wilson
Brainfood Consulting

The public nature of social media can be a boon or a reputational calamity. In this article based on their book, Delivering Effective Social Customer Service, Carolyn Blunt and Martin Hill-Wilson cut to the chase, providing authoritative advice on what to do when a social media drama becomes a crisis.

So what happens when a disgruntled customer decides to take to social media and berate your brand in full view of the world? People get upset when an organisation fails them in a way that matters. A few years ago, MIT Sloan Management Review offered a fascinating analysis as to why normally balanced people lose it and start to rant uncontrollably online. They discovered that when organisations significantly fail to honour their side of an agreement made with a customer over a service failure, things get bad. But things go ballistic when it occurs more than twice. At that point there is volcanic eruption from the sense of betrayal. And it takes a long time before that person can be reasoned with again.