Evian: Baby&Me

Gaelle Gicqueau and Charlotte Bals

Campaign details

Brand owner: Danone
Agency: BETC
Brand: Evian
Country: Various

Executive summary

In 2009, the Evian Rollerbabies became the most viewed ad ever on YouTube (certified by the Guinness World Records). As people turned the Rollerbabies into a global success, Evian became an iconic digital brand. In 2013, the Evian babies were back.

On 19 April 2013, Evian launched its new campaign with three objectives:

  • Reconnect the youth platform that was now 15 years old with all of its international audiences.
  • Create a maximum amount of earned media from a very low media budget, by engaging people with the conversation as much as possible.
  • Always justify the brand utility, to give consumers a good reason to pay three times the price for water that flows freely on tap, in times of recession.