Indian Red Cross Society: Blood Search Made Easy

Srikeit Tadepalli

Campaign details

Brand owner: Indian Red Cross Society
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Brand: Blood Search
Country: India

Executive summary

We take so much in life for granted – the air we breathe, the warmth of the sun, the blood coursing through our veins. We rarely notice them until one day they suddenly, horrifyingly become lacking – either for us or our loved ones.

The search for blood donors in an emergency is often urgent and desperately frustrating. When time is just as lacking as the blood sought, immediate availability of the right type of blood would be no less than a miracle.

Blood Search was a campaign born out of the need to address the helplessness during an emergency. It sought to create an easily accessible directory of blood types through the popular social network Facebook to make finding a donor with the right type of blood a couple of clicks away.