Boston Pizza: Ribbin' is Livin'

Trevor Thomas

Campaign details

Brand owner: Boston Pizza International
Agency: TAXI
Brand: Boston Pizza
Country: Canada

Executive summary

The 'non-traditional expert testimonial' that sold a whole lotta ribs

This case study demonstrates how Boston Pizza (BP) introduced Canadians to the Ribnecks, a family of rib connoisseurs from the US Deep South, in order that they could help Canadians get reacquainted with BP's ribs. But the Ribnecks didn't stop there; they also invented the Rib Stain Camo T-shirt and helped BP increase their overall rib sales by 56%.1

Anyone can say they have the best ribs and, in Canada, most of BP's competitors do.

So to get above the 'secret sauce' and '24-hour marinating' fray, BP wanted to let the real rib experts tell their story.

Market background and business objectives