Quality mobile research

Steve August

Mobile qualitative research allows researchers to engage with consumers at the point of experience, which has provided valuable insights into how fathers and the US Latino community shop.

One of my earliest ah-ha moments in research came about a decade ago, during a study on, of all things, wireless routers. In the study, participants were invited into a facility room, provided with a computer, a wireless router in the box with all the instructions and given the task of getting a wireless network up and running and connected to the internet. We sat back and watched as participants struggled with the task to varying degrees of success. One participant stood out. He sat there with a cable in his hand, staring back and forth between the cable and the wireless router, with a perplexed look on his face, squinting at the instructions and shaking his head, looking between the cable and the router, and squinting at the instructions yet again. This went on for about five minutes, which doesn't sound that long, until you are watching it on video. Then it feels like an eternity.