Lowdown: Jelly

Nadya Powell

Jelly, the new socially powered Q&A app, was, at the time of writing, just one month old. In that month, it has gone from 'wow!' to 'why?' before it has even had a chance to toddle. Twitter took three years to establish itself, Facebook five and , in that time, there were many 'why?' cries from pundits. All of which have been proved wrong.

So let's pause for thought and review the true potential of Jelly. Jelly has come about in response to the ever-increasing mechanisation of search: we decide we need help, punch in our search query and maths decides what we should and should not find. Biz Stone, co-founder of Jelly, was inspired to create a different kind of search – one where people in your social network hear your cry for help and take time out to assist. As he puts it: "Let's make the world a more empathetic place by teaching people that there's other people around them that need help."