Chatham Island Food Co: Not just any fish in the sea

Agency: Elmwood
Client: Chatham Island Food Co.
Brand: Chatham Island Food Co.
Category: Brand Identity - under £100,000

Executive summary

A seventh generation Chatham Islander and founder of the Chatham Island Food Co, Delwyn Tuanui was born with fishing in his blood. Located 800km off the coast of New Zealand in the middle of nowhere, the Chatham Islands is a tiny archipelago where 'living on the edge'is part of daily life. There are no parking fines, no mobile phones and no worries: life is shaped simply by the elements.

Del founded his business in 2011 to share his island's extraordinary produce with the world, including his elusive export - the Chatham Island Blue Cod. Found only in the Chathams' nutrient-rich waters, where cold southern and warm northern currents mix a rare carbon sink, this is no ordinary fish...