Bio Green: One giant leap for Edna

Agency: Carter Wong Design
Client: Bio Green Dairy
Brand: Bio Green
Category: Brand Identity - under £100,000

Executive summary

All over this green and pleasant land you will find small, unsung companies making excellent, high-quality products. For many of these passionate manufacturers, each with a unique character and personality, commercial success is an elusive goal simply for the want of effective brand expression.

Bio Green was such a brand.

This quirky producer of yogurt based products was languishing in corner shops, struggling for shelf space. Yet within 6 months of relaunch under a redesigned brand and new packaging, its flagship lassi range had:

  • listed in four major multiples
  • achieved 335% sales value growth
  • reached 266% sales volume growth
  • exceeded by 137% the sales value target
  • delivered return on design investment
  • far outstripped market benchmarks for smoothies, Indian food and yogurt drinks

Project overview