Royal Mail: Gold Medal Stamps

Agency: True North
Client: Royal Mail
Brand: Gold Medal Stamps
Category: Print

Executive summary

The UK postage stamp was once an iconic and culturally salient item for letter-writers and collectors alike. In recent years, however, digital communications have caused a decline in the use of stamps for mail, whilst the numbers of people regularly collecting stamps has also declined.

Royal Mail Stamps and Collectibles regularly issue special commemorative stamps. With the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games approaching, Royal Mail saw an opportunity to reignite public interest in stamps by making them part of the national celebrations. To counter-balance negative stories about missed deliveries and lost mail, Royal Mail also hoped to generate positive PR from their involvement with London 2012.

True North was briefed to develop a stamp product that could be sold during London 2012. The product would have to compete in a marketplace cluttered with commemorative Olympic merchandise. With 65 official LOCOG licences granted across 20 product categories, the London 2012 licensing programme was the biggest in Olympic history. In addition, Royal Mail's marketing budget was dwarfed by that of the official Olympic sponsors.