The making of India into a brand

Sangeeta Shrivastava and Pradeep Krishnatray
Centre for Research & Education (CREED) and Galgotias University

There is something strange about India that makes it almost always fight back from a tough position. The Failed State Index 2013 puts the country in the 'warning' category above Russia. Fears about India going the way of Yugoslavia or the USSR have often been discussed. Disintegration in India could be "accompanied by bloody ethnic wars and massive refugee flows", says one security expert (Thomas, R. South Asian Security in the 1990s: Adelphi Paper 278, London, IISS, 1993. pp. 74-75.). Winston Churchill said a long time ago: "India is just a geographical term with no more a political personality than Europe". Even the incorrigible India-baiter V.S. Naipaul quipped on Bihar, a state in eastern India, that it is where "civilization ends".