The challenge of agency management: L'Oréal Maybelline and the digital disconnect between agencies

Geoffrey Precourt

If online video has gone mainstream in marketing, someone needs to tell the creative and broadcast departments at legacy agencies about the new architecture of the marketing ecosystem.

Case in point: L'Oréal's Maybelline New York was set to offer a new product to an enormously attractive market. "Sixty-two percent of the mascara market is in volumizing," Nicole Hurwitz, assistant vice president, digital marketing, for the brand told a break-out session at the 2013 Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Conference in New York. "And we have a great history. Women want to have big, voluminous lashes. Almost everyone has a Maybelline Great Lash in her purse or make-up bag at home. We're a leader in the mascara market." Smart market-share leaders try to tap into existing loyalty to try and take on an even bigger share.