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Recognising design that has a measurable impact upon business success

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About the Awards

The Design Business Association (DBA) Design Effectiveness Awards recognise impactful, wide-ranging examples of design that have had a tangible and measurable impact upon business success.

The most recent Awards were announced in February 2017 and the winning papers are available to read here on WARC.

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Grand Prix

Polyseam - GRAFT brand

GRAFT brand

Brand Polyseam
Agency The Engine Room

Polyseam launched a new product by leveraging builders' trust in simple design - and delivered a 744% uplift in annual sales as a result.

GRAFT bore the line: 'hard working products for hard working people' while emphasising the brand's tech credentials.

Selected Gold Customer retention

Agency 999 Design

Harrogate Spring Water

Brand Harrogate
Agency Thompson Brand Partners


Brand NHS Leeds
Agency Thompson Brand Partners

Orangina: Shaking-up a classic

Brand Orangina
Agency BrandMe

Heineken: Redefining a Mexican icon

Brand Heineken Tecate
Agency Elmwood


Brand Diageo
Agency forceMAJEURE Design

Diageo - Buchanan's

Selected Silver

Entertainment unlimited

Brand HOOQ
Agency Elmwood

HOOQ - Entertainment unlimited

Comfort Intense brand launch

Brand Comfort Intense
Agency PB Creative

Glasgow Life: See humans fly

Brand Glasgow Life
Agency Front Page

Selwyns Seaweed

Brand Selwyns
Agency Brand Union

Snowdon Trust redesign

Brand Snowdon Trust
Agency Elmwood

World Vision: The story shop

Brand World Vision UK
Agency The Yard Creative