Market Research Society

With members in more than 70 countries, MRS is the world’s largest association serving all those with professional equity in provision or use of market, social and opinion research, and in business intelligence, market analysis, customer insight and consultancy. The Society provides its members with a comprehensive range of publications, information and advisory services, training courses, conferences, seminars and networking opportunities. The papers presented at its annual conferences are available on Warc.

The International Journal of Market Research

The International Journal of Market Research (IJMR) is published for the MRS by WARC. It is a unique source of authoritative analysis in the multi-disciplinary fields of market and social research. It provides a forum for serious discussion and debate and acts as a vital databank for research theory and practice.

For 50 years, IJMR has helped pioneer new innovations in market research, helping researchers to develop new and better ways of gaining insight into consumer and social behaviour.

IJMR papers are published on as well as on the journal's own website,

MRS membership

MRS has a diverse membership of individuals at all levels of experience and seniority within agencies, consultancies, support services, client-side organisations, the public sector and the academic community.

It also serves MRS Company Partners agencies, suppliers of support services, buyers and end-users of all types and scale who are committed throughout their organisations to supporting the core MRS values of professionalism, research excellence and business effectiveness.

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The Market Research Society
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Search IJMR articles, MRS papers and research case studies includes all International Journal of Market Research articles published since 1991 and selected classics from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. It also includes all MRS Annual Conference papers since 2000 and case studies from the MRS Awards.