Measuring emotion implicitly: A comparison of channel effect on implicit emotion

Doug Pulick and Ken Roberts
National CineMedia and Forethought Research


Advertisers and brand owners seeking to activate emotion need to address the implicit emotions driving consumption behavior in their category and the effect of media mix on those emotions.

This paper explores the state of the art in emotions measurement. Exploring channel impact on the implicit emotions, namely In-Cinema versus At-Home viewing of advertising. The study was conducted in the USA and Australia.

Of critical importance to marketers is that the research approach used is the only method in the world that measures the intensity and hierarchy of discrete emotions in consumption behavior implicitly. The method is Prophecy Feelings®, which underpins the Forethought Research Consumption Drivers Principle.

Implicit measurement of emotion is the new frontier in communications research. Its importance is that it captures the emotion prior to cognition or editing by our rational mind.