Hyundai Motor Of America: 2010 FIFA World Cup Campaign:

Agency: Innocean Worldwide Americas
Client: Hyundai Motor America
Product: Hyundai


Our objective was to have a greater impact than Hyundai's 2006 FIFA efforts. Whereas in 2006, Hyundai placed general market TV advertising into game coverage, in 2010 we created a completely contextually relevant campaign for the World Cup across multiple media.

For the 2010 World Cup, our goal was to match the connection and recognition that more widely known and better-funded global sports marketers achieve in the tournament. Our goal was to be viewed as "in the same league" as more established marketers by tracking online buzz and brand recall (tv, print, online, radio, mobile).

All while spending less than what we did in 2006 ($12m in 2006 vs $9m in 2010).



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