IBM: Turning negatives into positives

Ogilvy & Mather

Entry Information

Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: USA
Dates program started/ended: December 2011 – February 2012

Product Description:

IBM Analytics capabilities

Advertiser/Client Name: IBM


Marketplace challenge:

Increasingly it has been demonstrated that superior analytics is a key driver of corporate profitability and vitality. This creates tremendous opportunity for the IBM brand to combine its technological excellence with business acumen to unlock significant potential for its customers.

For IBM, this opportunity comes with a formidable communications challenge.

Traditionally, IBM has focused its communications with the technology buying public and audience. And while fluent in business, it is more conversant in tech speak and jargon. Yet, for IBM, the target audience for its analytics solutions is not the technology buyer but the business executive who can leverage analytics to inform everyday business decisions.