Address at 1967 Eastern Annual Conference

John K Galbraith
Harvard University

Mr. Chairman and my friends, I am very happy to be present at these festivities. I have considerable respect for your tolerance and largeness of mind in inviting me and my own courage in accepting. I seem to have acquired a certain reputation, if not as a critic at least as an unduly candid observer of the advertising industry. Some years ago, a student of mine was employed by one of your member firms. As might be expected of one so educated, he was taking a philosophical view of his profession and sent me an exchange of correspondence which he had had with your parent organization. (He is the kind of man, I fear, who could end up working for Senator Tom Dodd.) The exchange was as follows:

His letter: “Why don't you invite Galbraith to come to the annual meeting to give his views on advertising?”

The answer: “Why the hell should we give him a forum?”