The values advantage – measuring corporate values to advance business success

Brian Hall
Values Technology Inc., United States.

Madeline Hamill
Market Evaluer LLC, United States.

Values are attitudes that people consider more meaningful than other attitudes. Valuing, like meaning making, happens within people and as such is not accessible to direct observation.

It normally ends, however, in behavior that is external and observable. When behavior becomes public it becomes a part of the culture. Benjamin Tonna, A Surge in Quality, 1999


This paper is about a recent primary study that links an individual's behaviors with their values using a proven values measurement system that has never been used before in market research. It not only explains what values are, but also predicts behaviors we can expect to see based on those values using a discrete measurement system. We have had consumer research methodologies that have claimed to do this in the past. All have tried to define values and have started to look at the linkage to behavior. However, this new system not only brings depth and precision to the values that drive an individual's decision making, it also connects the individual to a system that enables us to predict and measure behaviors by a group. This provides an explanation for behaviors by the group which we today define as “culture.” This values measurement system is applicable globally and has shown that the same values are held by people around the world, however, the priorities of those values differ by country and, therefore, different behaviors are observed.