Is a website known by the banner ads it hosts? Assessing forward and reciprocal spillover effects of banner ads and host websites

Sweta Chaturvedi Thota

University of San Francisco

Ji Hee Song

University of Seoul

Abhijit Biswas

Wayne State University


Consider the following scenarios: (a)you are visiting a reputed website and encounter an ad that repeatedly flashes the message ‘Feeling like your credit might be in trouble?’ – an ad that typically appears on a low-ranked blog, or (b)a website that you clicked during your shopping search displays an ad that makes noises at you in a female electronic voice much louder than iTunes and repeatedly informs that you have won a free iPod until you close the page, (c)or your favourite website shows you an interesting ad for extremely low air fares at Southwest Airlines with creative animation. Does the reputed website lose considerably by featuring annoying animation and low image brands? Does it maintain its image by featuring products that are liked by its target audience?