All Which? acquisition and retention activity


CLIENT • Which?

THE TEAM • Mike Colling, John Willacy, Chevy Wall, Bob Nash, Alison Meredith, Annette Thurgood, Luanda Stewart, Dan Honer, Giles Winser.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • This is not a story of a single “Eureka” moment, nor of a hero campaign. Base results for this client were already award-winning for both growth and ROI. We recruited more subscribers than any year since 1985 and improved ROI and retention.

OBJECTIVES • Beat last years’ (award winning) acquisition results. Generate more efficiencies from the budget. Recruit more subscribers without reducing ROI. Increase subscriber retention?

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • This year we supplemented our deep understanding of our audience and their research journey with two new insight tools: the first we call “subscribophiles": identifying researchers who will stay in a long-term subscription, not just seek information on a one-off basis. Our second is a real-time audience profiling tool. Both have given insight into who's most likely to stay. We've optimised the product mix, recruitment offers, creative messaging, media channels, response channels (like adding SMS to all offline materials) and conversations with new subscribers to develop loyalty. Our media strategy's based on five pillars: the first is the channels and vehicles our different audience groups use at each stage of their research. The second is understanding their different modes and needs when consuming different channels. Our third is understanding which multimedia elements generate unique cover, and which provide reassuring frequency. Our fourth pillar is understanding channel-on-channel effects. Our fifth pillar is understanding not only which response channels consumers want, but how we can create the best journey to maximise conversion. We use a blend of SMS, phone and online. From acquisition to CRM, our messaging is centred on delivering sensible, credible and impartial advice in different ways according to the customer journey stage.