Sasso: 150 springs with Sasso

Agency name: Zero srl
Client name: Societa Carapelli Firenze SpA
Category: Sponsorship/Joint Effort/ Tie-in


Sasso is an extremely well-known brand but with very mature targets. The brand is not perceived as being as sharp and up-to-the-minute as desired. Brand equity is for the most part positive, however Sasso is seen as being traditional, historical and a bit rigid.

The market is split into Olive Oils (with constantly falling shares) and Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The Extra Virgin segment is constantly growing, but decidedly crowded. The segment comes under strong promotional pressure which does not create brand loyalty.

The brand's iconic product is Olive Oil in a classic green tin: Sasso is the leader of a market which is in constant decline, with younger consumers oriented to the extra virgin olive oil market. Main competitors are Bertolli, Carapelli, Sagra, Dante, Monini, Farchioni and the numerous own-labels of retail purchasing consortiums.