Your Building Partner

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Advertiser: Carters
Awards: Retail/Etail (Silver)

Marketing Challenge

Carters was a brand in crisis. Well, to be fair, it was hardly a brand at all, being considered predominantly a trade supplier with very little emotional appeal to allow for any increased margin or price premium.

A weak and unfocussed brand personality and critically low share of voice over 5 years had led to dwindling awareness and consideration and faltering sales, as well as unacceptable and unsustainable financial results. With as much as 95% of its custom historically coming from the trade, who generally saw it as having a timber-focus, Carters had all its eggs in one basket, and one of the most demanding, least loyal and least profitable (on a 'per item' basis) baskets around. Their trade focus meant that buyer power was considerable and the vast majority of their product range was commoditised as a result.