Why mobile phones turn consumers into teenagers: Insights from McCann Truth Central

Low Lai Chow

Teenagers are typically regarded as being some of the most connected consumers on the planet. But as far as mobile phones are concerned, adult users have a lot in common with this youthful audience.

"We're all teenagers," said Dave McCaughan, the global director of McCann Truth Central Global, and strategic planning director for JJVC McCann Worldgroup Asia Pacific. "[Some] 50% of the world's digitally-connected [consumers] are, for the most part, teens. I do not mean that they are literally 14 years old; I mean they are teenagers in terms of their history and their behaviour.

"It varies by country. But the reality is, all around the world, we've just entered our teen years."

McCaughan – who was speaking alongside Greg Armshaw, chief technology catalyst of McCann Worldgroup Asia Pacific, at the Festival of Asian Marketing Effectiveness 2013 in Shanghai – drew these findings from "The Truth About Connected You", a 9,000-person survey covering 14 countries, including China, India, Japan and the Philippines.