Sagres Beer – Get on the Field

Fisher, Portugal

When we won the pitch we had a big challenge: change client's mindset. For being brand number 2 in Portugal beer market for more than two decades, Sagres had tried to be everything and speak with everyone. Wrong. Our beer expertise proved that we should appeal to a very special person: the heavy drinker.

After investigating the Portuguese heavy consumer we found out that they are crazy about soccer as much they are about beer. Our strategy was clear: own the soccer territory. The client loved it. And immediately became the sponsor of the Portuguese Professional Football League – wich was named Liga Sagres.

But then they challenged us again: the attendance at stadiums was decreasing, at same time there were no news on Sagres sales. We should solve both. Ok. Coming back to heavy-drinker-soccer-fan… When comes to beer what is their greatest dream? To have more beer. And when it comes to soccer what is their wildest dream? Playing on the field where their idols play. What if… having more beer you could play at the best stadiums in the country?