Information technology brings us back to the basics

Dirk Huisman,
SKIM Group, The Netherlands


Revolutionary changes in society have always been initiated by technology driven innovations. These innovations brought individuals more time and enabled them to cross longer distances in less time. Simultaneously those innovations led to a continuous increase in needs.

Information technology (IT) is one of the major areas of technological innovations. The consequences of information technology for society, marketing and market research are enormous and will lead to revolutionary changes in our lives and professions. As market researchers we shall be able to observe real behaviour and analyse enormous databases in depth and in less time. The research industry will change from reactive to proactive.

Using the opportunities of information technology as researchers we will be able to create virtually real (future) environments which will enable us to observe, measure and analyse the behaviour of the customers in these environments. This takes us back to basics, because nobody doubts that virtually real environments are very appealing and realistic, but what extra value is added by the analysis?