National Screening Unit/Ministry of Health: Four years of life saving conversations; how smear tests became part of the national dialogue

Category: Sustained Success Place
Agency: GSL Network
Client: National Screening Unit, Ministry of Health


The National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) advertising campaign launched in September 2007, with a simple objective - to lift screening rates in order to save lives.

It required a particularly strong focus on Maori and Pacific women, given their higher incidence of cancer mortality.

It has proven an astonishing success, with screening rates up 17% for Maori and 31% for Pacific women, and has also demonstrated that a campaign can focus on specific groups whilst remaining effective with the general population, with overall screening rates up 8% since the campaign's inception.

Marketing Challenges & Objectives

Cervical cancer is preventable, yet women continue to die from it. The NCSP was established 21 years ago to save women's lives - reducing the incidence of cervical cancer through a comprehensive screening programme.