Top advertisers & product categories in markets worldwide

The top advertisers and product categories give an overview on the nature of advertising markets. This review of the top ten advertisers and categories in the world's ten largest advertising markets shows that despite similarities, national markets remain distinctive.

In the past this section has concentrated on adspend. In this issue, the focus moves to the top advertisers and advertising categories in the world's largest advertising markets. The top ten advertisers and categories for each of the top ten advertising markets are presented below. The tables show that although the types of companies and categories that feature heavily are similar across markets, there are still significant national variations and, despite the rise of the global market, home-based companies still feature prominently.


In most markets, the list of top ten advertisers is a broad mix of international and home-based companies. The exceptions are the US, the home of most 'international' companies, and Japan, one of the world's most insulated markets. In both markets, nine out of the top ten advertisers are home-based. In the US, Grand Metropolitan is the only foreign company to feature in the top ten. In Japan, Procter & Gamble is the only foreign advertiser in the top ten. In the remaining markets, the split between foreign and home-owned companies is divided roughly equally, with the exception of Canada where just two of the top ten advertisers are Canadian-owned.