Sports sponsorship: Lessons from London 2012

Claire Carmichael

When brands buy the rights to the Olympic Games, they gain the opportunity to engage with the passions of at least half the world's population1.

But buying rights only gives sponsors the canvas for their campaign. It is through effective activation that they are able to create a picture that truly engages their audience.

As Olympic fever fades, it's useful to reflect on how sponsors used consumer engagement with the Olympics to activate their own sponsorships in the UK and globally. By reflecting on the lessons from London 2012, we can consider the opportunities for sponsors to harness consumer excitement at future events.

What brands can learn from London 2012

  1. Explore product placement opportunities in venue
  2. Integrate mobile effectively into your activation strategy
  3. Integrate social media campaigns effectively in whole partnership
  4. Activate locally through experiential campaigns
  5. Consider creating branded content to activate partnerships with extended reach: 'think global, act local'
  6. Look for opportunities to continue your association with the Games after the event