Seven steps to smarter digital marketing: Insights from a Google 'Evangelist'

Low Lai Chow

"If your brand doesn't show up and engage with the audience, somebody else will." That was the message from Google's Digital Marketing Evangelist Avinash Kaushik at a keynote session of the SES Conference in Singapore.

As brands move from the world of swaying consumers ("In the past if you wanted to find people and influence them, it was very easy. You bought advertisements in newspapers.") to the digital world, they need to rethink their strategy in terms of capturing consumers.

1. User experience: lower abandonment rates

Kaushik warned brands to steer clear of the exasperating lapses in user experience he had encountered online, such as over-designed clutter on websites; unnecessary clicks that open new tabs or windows ("What is this thing about Singapore? Do you like torture?"); web prompts for using coupons that are invalid at the checkout stage; and having too many ads bundled with too little content. These ultimately expose the brand as not having had a clear vision of what consumers want.