The Times of India's Final Frontier: Mission Kerala

Susan Mathen

Campaign details

Brand owner: Bennet Coleman & Co
Agency: JWT
Brand: The Times Of India
Country: India
Channels used: Events and experiential, Online video, Other and ambient media, Print - general, unspecified, Product and other sampling, Radio, Sales promotion, Social media
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

An Attempt to Conquer an Impregnable Fortress

It is more than apt to draw a parallel between the Gaulish village of Asterix that resists Roman attack, and the southernmost state in India that resisted the conquering spree of The Times of India (TOI), the number 1 English daily newspaper in India.

While TOI was the leader in all other states in India, Kerala still swore by the local language (Malayalam) dailies. The share of English dailies was an abysmal 4% of the entire print market, which only made the task tougher for TOI. The only English newspaper that was popular in Kerala was The Hindu, known for its intellectual reporting style. TOI, known for its younger, not-so-stiff approach to news, was not even in the consideration set for Malayalis (the residents of Kerala).