‘Fit for Purpose’, IJMR Research Methods Forum, Royal Society, London, 2 November 2010

The following Conference Notes are summaries of four presentations from the third Research Methods Forum. The first, by Reg Baker, describes the empirical findings from research conducted in the US on the reliability of online panels. Baker’s summary includes a useful list of references to sources of more detailed information on this topic. Second, Mike Hall and Jeannie Arthur describe the methodology used in creating and managing online communities, and how these methodologies impact on the traditional role of market researchers. The third summary, by Julian Dobinson, describes how, by integrating data from different sources, BSkyB has built a comprehensive picture of its customers. Finally, Richard Ellwood spells out what ‘Fit for Purpose’ means from a clientside researcher’s perspective.

The main points from the other four presentations were summarised in my Editorial in the previous issue of IJMR (Vol. 53, No. 1).