Knowing The Consumer Through The Eyes Of Others

Two-way mirror: An innovative methodology for qualitative market research

Alicia Martn del Campo
Mnica Garca Hernndez
Unilever de Mxico


The cold vision of the consumer as a 'study subject' is transformed through the Two-Way Mirror, by looking at the circle of reference free of pre-conceived ideas, by observing and analyzing the others in his/her everyday life. His/her 'subjective' interpretation of the others becomes the most valuable event in the development of the Two-Way Mirror (TWM).

From the onset of each project designed under TWM, there should be respect for the method's core principle, which is allowing and promoting the consumer's free expression as a person who understands, manipulates and reacts to his/her environment according to his own personal and social background.


Methodological Implications of the Two-Way Mirror