The Procter & Gamble Company: Got The Power campaign

Rayna Bailey


Procter & Gamble created the disposable-diaper market in 1961 when it introduced its Pampers brand. Despite being the first successful disposable diaper, by 1985 Pampers was falling behind competitor Kimberly-Clark's Huggies brand, which was introduced in 1968 but was not rolled out nationally until 1977. The Pampers brand continued to slip in the market, and by 2001 Pampers' market share had fallen to more than 14 percentage points behind Huggies. The relaunch of Pampers in 2002 with the introduction of Baby Stages of Development disposable products, which included a line of training pants for toddlers, helped narrow the gap between Pampers and Huggies. To help push Pampers further ahead, the company introduced a new disposable training pant for toddlers, called Feel 'n Learn Advanced Trainers, that was designed to help make toilet training easier.