Launching Dell to the B2B Market in China

Kaiyu Li

Campaign details

Brand owner: Dell
Agency: Young & Rubicam Advertising
Brand: Dell
Country: China
Channels used: Direct marketing, Internet – general, Magazines – business, trade, Outdoor, out-of-home, Print – general, unspecified, Public relations, Television
Media budget: 10 – 20 million

Executive summary

China is estimated to have more than 30 million small businesses. To tap into this opportunity, Dell faced some steep challenges. Dell's reputation as a PC manufacturer was strong, but as an IT solutions provider it wasn't so much low profile as no profile.

The 'Power to Do More' campaign sought to remedy that, relaunching the brand to appeal to the growing business-to-business sector. The results were remarkable, with revenue from small businesses more than doubling year on year. New business leads grew 70% year on year, and 97% of the audience are now aware of Dell's technology solutions. The campaign effectively established Dell as a partner that empowers businesses to do more.

Market background and business objectives