Right place, right time: Digital out-of-home advertising opens new doors for brand marketers

Chuck Kapelke

A guy walks into a bar and spots a screen running an ad for Bacardi's new cherry-flavored rum. The ad beckons him to activate Bluetooth on his phone so that he can receive a recipe for a new cocktail. It's no joke. The campaign, developed by the New York-based agency Blue Bite, is a great example of how digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is evolving — and how the convergence with other digital technologies can yield powerful benefits for marketers.

"The message is targeted by location, so it's always relevant," says Mikhail Damiani, CEO and cofounder of Blue Bite. "It's different from getting a text when you're on your couch. From an ROI perspective, we can provide a full report [to the advertiser] by the second for every person — how they interacted with the ad and whether they downloaded [content] or not. It allows us to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign and determine what it will deliver in the future."