Unlocking Success with Digital Shoppers: The e-commerce barriers and enablers that you need to consider

Jeanne Danubio and Nikhil Sharma


Success in the digital shopping environment requires a deep understanding of shopper needs, how a product category gets shopped and the ability to cost effectively deliver a product to the consumer.

The digital revolution has transformed industries like music, books and travel almost entirely because e-commerce solutions delivered shopper needs in ways that traditional channels couldn't match. Gone are the days where we had to buy an entire album because of a particular track. With iTunes, it is so much easier and economical to customize a personal music library and deliver it digitally. It is much more convenient to visit travel sites such as Expedia or Travelocity to research, compare and make purchases, rather than visiting a travel agency. In publishing, Amazon's endless book selections, authentic reader reviews, personalized book recommendations and e-book options are hard for brick-and-mortar bookstores to match. Amazon's edge in giving shoppers tailored and relevant choices as well as highly competitive prices has forced traditional booksellers like Borders to close.