Samsung finds a unique point of view online

Low Lai Chow

Brands that excel in the digital arena possess a quality that sets them apart from their rivals, according to Nicholas Wodtke, vice president of content and services at Samsung, the electronics group. "There's one pattern I think is particularly evident," he told delegates at the Digital Matters 2013 conference in Singapore. "And that specific quality is having a point of view."

Achieving this goal, he suggested, is essential given the sheer weight of material now available to consumers through various different channels. "We, as humans, don't have the capacity to simply manage this much content. It's impossible. Our brains aren't there," Wodtke said.

"Right now I'm told that there are 800,000 apps in the Google Play store. Can you imagine the sheer volume of trying to process that information? It's impossible. We don't even have the capabilities."

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