Seeking brand synergy: Measuring branding moments in media content

Sean Merriweather and Raymond Pettit, Ph.D.
Pivot and Rentrak Branded Entertainment


A quiet, but rapidly advancing, revolution is going on in marketing, advertising, and media today. It is unstoppable; driven by people's ability to engage with brands at multiple points in the stream of media content. Enabled and enhanced by new technologies and devices, these 'continuous branding moments' permeate all media and create an increasing variety and abundance of emotional and behavioral data that marketers and advertisers are just starting to understand and address.

Branded Content Has Arrived

Branded Content is defined as: the creation of, or natural integration into, original content by a brand. Branded entertainment fulfills its purpose to deliver brand/marketing messages by engaging consumers via relevant content platforms as an alternative, or in addition, to traditional advertising methods. Evan Shapiro, President of Pivot – a cable network that focuses on entertainment that sparks conversation, inspires change and illuminates issues via engaging content –states1: